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Summer Fun, Summer Learning

Patriot kids on the beach

Now that the halls are quiet and the walls are bare, summer vacation has begun and is sure to be filled with lots of fun, but we'd like you to consider mixing in some summer learning too. It can be fun too!

Here are some ideas:

1. READ: Take time to read every day. 
Students - Make time to read each day.
Parents - read to/with your child. You're never too old to be read to. Make sure your child sees you reading too.
- Visit the library and join a Summer Reading Club.


All students in New Hanover County may access children's ebooks, audiobooks, and videos for free. A new library consortium enables sharing of multiple titles simultaneously-- no more long waits for Battle of the Books titles-- and all that's needed is a library card and a device for viewing.

Here's a link to NHC library e-resources:

Contact the New Hanover Public Library for more information.

- Create a Book Club for your child and his/her friends.
- Keep books in the car and take them to the beach.
- Subscribe to a magazine that would interest your child, or read an online magazine.  Parsley's Cool Kid Sites Just for
   Fun page has an online magazine section. NHCS Summer Reading Program
- Read and follow directions.
- Read ingredients.  Plan meals and grocery shopping.
- Visit Parsley's Suggested Reading Lists page.
- Visit Mrs. Hall's Summer Reading Fun page.

- NHCS Summer Reading at NHCS School Libraries

2. WRITE: Write with paper and pencil, or on the computer.
- Write a story or a poem, add illustrations, and then publish it. There are many free and easy-to-use websites where you can create, publish, and share your creativity.
- Write a play with your friends and then perform it for your families.

Parents - Consider creating a Written Dialogue Journal to use with your child. You each take turns writing to each other, but no talking is allowed. In this fun activity, as you model proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation, you may just discover a new side to your child's personality. After a summer of this written conversation, the journal will become a treasure!

3. CALCULATE: Find fun ways to integrate math into daily activities.
- Practice your math facts. Use flash cards or practice using a website or app. on a mobile device.
- Sort and count change.
- Recalculate the ingredients when doubling a recipe.
- Comparison shop to determine the best buy.
- Play "Guess My Number" on a computer (there are many online versions) or as a mental math game.
- Estimate the size and then measure things around the house. Calculate perimeter, area, and volume.
- Create graphs of sports statistics, number of books or pages read over the summer, how much time you spend reading, or the rate of growth of a plant.
- Have a 'Geometric Shape Scavenger Hunt'
- Look for examples of symmetry.
- Map out a family trip and calculate distance.
- Calculate the miles per gallon your car averages on a trip and around town.
- Do a puzzle!
- Play math games like Sudoku. 
- Make a map of your neighborhood.
- Play math games on sites like those found on our Math Enrichment page.

4. INVESTIGATE and be CREATIVE: Learn something new.
- Conduct an experiment.
- Go to a museum or local historical site.
- Collect sea shells.
- Spend time observing nature. How many birds or insects can you identify?
- Research something you want to learn more about by going to the library or using the Internet (with parent supervision, of course!).
- Learn how to identify constellations and then locate them at night.
- Look for and identify examples of simple machines around your house.
- Plant a garden.
- Be crafty. Build things or make a gift using items found around the house. 
- Visit the craft store and find a new hobby or craft you'd like to create. Some craft stores have free or inexpensive Kids' Club activities.
- Investigate and find a good recipe to make bubbles, silly putty, or slime.
- Use your Thinking Maps login (student computer login) to create Thinking Maps as a way to plan an event or write a story.

5. SKILL DRILLS - learn a new skill or improve existing skills.
- Practice your keyboarding skills. There are many online sites you can use to improve keyboarding skills. View keyboarding practice websites on our Cool Kid Sites page.
With as little as fifteen to twenty minutes of practice a day for six weeks, you'll be typing with good speed and accuracy.
- Learn to play an instrument.
- Explore a new language.
- Dribble a ball or shoot some hoops.  Learn to hula hoop, play hopscotch or jacks, jump rope.
- Continue using thatquiz and and TenMarks if you have a login from your teacher.
- Play vocabulary, grammar, math, or geography games (and more!) on  Each correct answer earns rice donated through the World Food Programme.

6. CODE - There are many online coding websites as well as apps that are free to install on mobile devices. 

Freedom has a good idea


We invite you to share with us your ideas for fun learning activities during the summer.  Email

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