School Improvement Plan Executive Summary 2011-2012


School Improvement 2011-2012


Laney met 15 of 17 goals on the federal AYP plan.  Laney met expected growth in all areas on the NC ABC’s growth plan.  Laney met graduation targets that were established by both the state and federal government.  Laney was named a NC School of Distinction for the second year in a row as a result of meeting expected growth standards set forth by the state of North Carolina and maintaining an overall proficiency rating of 80 percent or above on end of course testing.  Laney’s overall proficiency rating was 82 %.  These positive results are result of a collective school wide focus on academic growth, improving graduation rates, and intentional implementation of best teaching practices.  In addition to this data, Laney has reduced suspension rates for the 3 consecutive years.



Despite Laney’s academic success, there is still need for improvement.  Economically disadvantaged students and black students did not meet federal reading expectations.  Both of these gaps are a result of 10th grade writing proficiencies declining this past school year (6 % decrease, overall 72 % proficient).   Students in these subgroups will be targeted for academic support.  Transition documents will be utilized to create groups that need academic assistance.     Laney’s graduation rate, although slightly above the state average, is still below our school improvement goal of 80 percent or greater.  Laney has targeted specific students that are at risk of not graduating with their cohort and will provide academic support for these students.  Laney will also use the reduced credit elective diploma, when appropriate, to assist students at risk of not graduating.  Laney is also exploring alternatives for on-line credit recovery through the North Carolina Virtual Public Schools and Castle Learning.   A staff survey at the end of the year indicates that our staff would like to see more staff development in technology.  Independent assessments also show the need for Laney to incorporate more 21st century teaching practices into common teaching practices.



Two of Laney’s school improvement goals will remain the same.  Goal one will continue to promote academic growth for all students in all subgroups.  Our second goal will continue to promote improving graduation rates.  Our third and revised goal will focus on the intentional use of best teaching practices and 21st century teaching practices.   Laney’s school based staff development will focus on technology and writing.  The Laney administration well actively push 21st century learning practices and best teaching practices with the teaching staff.  Administrative classroom visits will look specifically for evidences of 21st century teaching practices and best teaching practices.  An academic support class has been created to assist students who are at risk of dropping out, and or not graduating with their cohort.  Laney will also use available resources to provide academic recovery through the North Carolina Virtual Public School System.  Financial resources will be directed toward technology improvements that can benefit all subgroups.




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Our Vision:

Engaging, growing, and graduating 21st century citizens

Our Mission:
To prepare all students for the future by striving for excellence in pursuit of a quality education by providing a rigorous and relevant curriculum within a safe and caring environment.

New Hanover County Schools Mission

The mission of New Hanover County Schools, in collaboration with our parents and the
community, is to strive to provide children an excellent education in a safe and positive
learning environment where they are prepared with the critical skills to reach their full
potential for a world yet to be imagined.
The mission of New Hanover County Schools, in collaboration with our parents and the community, is to strive to provide children an excellent education in a safe and positive learning environment where they are prepared with the critical skills to reach their full potential for a world yet to be imagined. 


Principal Al O'Briant

Principal Al O'Briant

School Improvement Plan

School Improvement Plan (SIP) 
Approved by Faculty on August 21, 2013

School Improvement Plan Executive Summary

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