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John J. Blair Elementary, 6510 Market Street, Wilmington, NC 28405, Phone: 910-350-2045, Fax: 910-350-2049

Mental Health/Social Services


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The elementary school years are a valuable time for our children to grow and learn. Blair Elementary is fortunate to have a variety of service providers to nurture our students as they develop, while working along side the school staff, parents and the community, to create a caring community of learners. Our team consists of: Ms. Carol Bass, school counselor; Ms. Denise Brown, school social worker; and Mr. Trey Willis, mental health therapist. Our programs encourage the students by developing learning skills, attitudes and shaping life lessons for the students as they prepare for the ever changing world of the 21st century.  To learn how our service deliveries may differ, please see our individual web pages.