Student Services

Vickie Bayliss, CTE Facilitator
Phone:   (910) 790-2360 ext. 135

Ashley Bianchino, Counselor
Phone:   (910) 790-2360 ext. 141

Louise Colella, Counselor
Phone:   (910) 790-2360 ext. 138

Heather Craven, Counselor
Phone:   (910) 790-2360 ext. 136

Marilynn Davis, Graduation Coach
Phone: (910) 790-2360 ext.133

Amy Hand, Social Worker
Phone:   (910) 790-2360 ext. 137

Christy Harris, Support Associate
Phone: (910) 790-2360 ext. 143

Janet Wilson, Counselor
Phone:   (910) 790-2360 ext. 139

Class of 2015 Announcements

It is recommended that seniors in the Class of 2015 should plan to apply for college admission prior to November 1. Some colleges/universities have institutional funds/scholarships(based on merit & grades) that are tied to an early application for admission. Even if you have excellent grades and apply for admission after Nov. 1, you would not be eligible for those funds. Early application doesn't guarantee you will be awarded a scholarship, but it puts you in the pool of eligible candidates. Be sure to check deadlines on individual college websites for deadlines for scholarships at each school. Need-based financial aid begins with the completion of the FAFSA ( after January 1, 2015, and is tied to the family's 2014 income and taxes.

Attention Seniors in Class of 2015: If you have a strong GPA and plan to start your post-high school career at a NC community college, please see your counselor about the C-Step (Carolina Student Transfer Excellence Program) at UNC Chapel Hill. Students from low-to-moderate income families who complete their Associate Degree (2 year degree) at a community college with a 3.0 college GPA may have automatic acceptance to UNC-CH to finish a Bachelor Degree program if the student BEGINS the community college process as a participant in C-Step. Students will receive support and financial aid through participating in this program. Ashley counselors have more information for you. Deadline to apply for C-Step is October 1, 2014.


College Redirection Pool is now open on The College Redirection Pool (CRP) was established primarily to assist students who have been denied admission from the institution of their choice and are seeking opportunities to pursue higher education in the fall.  The goal is for every student in the College Redirection Pool to be contacted by at least one of their local colleges. This is a great way to match students with campuses that still have available spaces in their fall term.

In ten years, over 7,000 students have participated in the College Redirection Pool. Many of these students receive recruitment materials from a number of colleges across North Carolina and continue on to enroll in those institutions for upcoming terms. The pool opens every April 1 and closes every August 31.


A-D: J. Wilson
E-K: A. Bianchino
L-Ri: L. Colella
Ro-Z: H. Craven

Needed for counselor nomination: SAT or ACT scores Must be candidate for UNCC freshman enrollment for fall 2014 Demonstrate commitment to community service, academic record showing passion for knowledge, possess capacity for ethical leadership Likely successful candidates:
Avg. GPA: 3.8-4.0 un-weighted
Avg. SAT 1900-2400 on three combined sections
Avg. ACT 29-36 composite